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Have you ever wished you could draw?
Have you ever wanted to know how you can create beautiful images and impressions of your Angels and Guides?
Have felt impressed to put into visual form the colourful energies that you see but not confident that you could ?

Individual Tuition is available for anyone, at any level, to learn how to draw and paint beautiful pictures on any subject.
Some examples of my Fine Art work are below.
Commissioned Fine Art work on all subjects can be ordered.
Prices dependant on size and materials used. Please contact me for the price list.
As a commissioned Fine Artist and a teacher of Art for many years I can teach you the skills and techniques of Drawing and Painting.
Seeing clearly, and reproducing what you see accurately, is a skill that can be learned!
Everyone can learn to draw.  If you can hold a pencil and make a mark you can draw!
The lessons will enable you to develop and expand the latent creative abilities that you have within you. 
Some people even find that they possess a very real talent for Art, but did not realise it!
Usually, I visit the client, or the group wishing to have a lesson, as I find that people are more comfortable working in their own home, using their own materials.
Some materials can be provided.
Fine Art private lessons: £75 per 2 hour session.
[Single lessons and courses are available.]
Will travel a radius of 35 miles from Newbury.
Psychic Art private lessons and Workshops available.
Private: £75 per 2 hour session.
Workshops: £50 per person, 3 hour session.
                   Group: 4 [min] - 8 people
 [Dates for Workshops: will be published later. please let me know if you are interested]

These are some examples of my Fine Art  work.

Lizzick Hall - Keswick [pen + ink] (A5)

Emma and Helen [water colour] (A3)

John [pencil] (A5)

Selsey Bill Watercolour (A4)

Chela Laubuca [pen +ink] (A4)

Malvern Hills [pastel] (A3)


Virginnia Radford B.Ed [hons], M.N.F.S.H., Reiki Master, M.N.H.M., M.M.H.