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Take time out for yourself and soak in the peace, tranquility, and serenity in Sacred Space.

Star Light Sanctuary

In a beautiful Sanctuary in a tranquil setting I have built and created the Centre for a Powerful range of Holistic Therapies, group meditations, and individual Spiritual development.
The peaceful garden is also a place where you are invited to book a time to simply retreat, chill, and relax from the pressures and whirlwind of everyday life.
Group Talks are available giving a relaxed oppportunity to discover more about life, the Universe, and everything!
Please contact me for further information.  
The Star Light Centre is just outside Newbury town centre in Berkshire.
I have extensive understanding about, and experience in, many forms of healing and in guiding personal Spiritual development.
Specialising in: 
Spiritual Counselling
Psychic and Angel Readings
Celestial Healing Therapy©
Psychic and Angel Art
Spiritual and Psychic Development Workshops
Meditation classes
Chakra/Auric Balancing
Shamanic Healing
House cleansing and Healing

Star Light Sanctuary inside

For more information and bookings please

Tel:  +[44]1635 37707 or 07788 756163


Virginnia Radford B.Ed [hons], M.N.F.S.H., Reiki Master, M.N.H.M., M.M.H.