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'Discover the Mystery Within' Meditations
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Meditation Classes

Come and experience the Peace, Stillness, and the Power of Meditation!
Reveal and discover the Mystery that lies within everyone of us!
Travel into your Inner and Expanded Being-ness and connect with your Spirit and all those who are working with you at this time.
Connect with the Eternal energies: your Angels, Guides, Power Animals and the Elementals.
All Meditations are conducted within Sacred Space in a beautiful and serene Sanctuary in Newbury, Berkshire
All Meditations begin with:
  • Creating Sacred Space,
  • Relaxation,
  • Connection with the Earth Energy.
  • Opening of the Chakras to connect more closely with Those on the Highest Levels (Divine Source, Angels, Guides, and Higher Self)

Development of the Meditation.

  • Through an initial guided focus
  • and/or Silent connection with Spirit (Divine Source, Guides, Angels, and Higher Self)

Closing down:

  • Thanking Those working with us during the Meditation
  • Bringing the Chakras back into their normal vibration
  • Earthing/Grounding, connecting consciously again with Mother Earth's Energy.

The Meditations are held on a Thursday evening starting at 7pm for an hour plus time for reflection and discussion. 

Other times made by arrangement: mornings and afternoons available.

Please let me know when you would like to attend a class, leaving me your name and contact number.
Please telephone, text or email me for current price per session

Book a Meditation class today!

Reconnect with your Spirit - your True Self - and
remember Who You Really Are!