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This page contains: Course Intention/Benefits, Course description and Format, Reviews, Prices. 'Staying in Touch' (expanding Psychic Development)

What is Psychic Development?  We all have a psychic ability whether we are aware of it or not.We use it every day when we interact with people. When we make decisions, we find that it always works the most effectively when, we use our intuition – our gut feeling – rather than when we use our minds. The mind can only work in the past with what it has been fed through the opinions and conditioning of others and our own life experience. The information stored there is always going to have a time-related, often limited, or even distorted, perspective. The only way to Truth and Reality is through the Heart’s voice. This is what the Psychic Development Courses are about: developing your own innate ability to see the Truth behind the illusions of the world’s collective traditional, social, view of how life, and people, operate with all its fears, expectations, belief systems, and judgements, that colour the ‘rules’ of social living and perspectives of the Divine. To listen to the Heart’s voice will enable you to connect more closely with the Truth of how Life and the Divine really Is, and to see the beauty of human inter-connectedness and the positive aspects of the human experience and traditions. 

Course Intention:  

These courses will help you to:

  •   Expand your own spiritual awareness of Self.
  • Understand more about who you really Are as a Divine Being having a human experience.
  • Generate balance and harmony in all that you have experienced as a human being.
  •  Help to reconcile all that you feel with all that your mind has been trained to tell you.
Psychic Development is a natural process that we do unconsciously throughout our lives.With guidance and support this process can be consciously enhanced by your commitment so that you fulfil more profoundly and fully, your Life’s Purpose. To know your Real Self more fully and to use its incredible power and ability with greater understanding and proficiency generates a happier, more abundant, creative, and passionate life experience! 

When, Where and Price? 

  • Psychic Development courses run weekly for 9 x 2-hour sessions...
  • New: 3 Day-time Saturdays once a month (the 9 week course has been split               in 3x3 topic sessions)
  • They are held in the tranquil Star Light Sanctuary just outside Newbury town centre in Berkshire.
  • There will be time for discussion during and after the sessions so that you can share ideas and understandings. I will also be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Each 2-Hour Course Session Costs: £40 per session. Note-book/diary, visual aids, and notes supplied.
  • Full Day Sessions: £125 per day. Lunch: Vegetarian lunch provided; tea/coffee/herbal teas provided between sessions. Please bring any special dietary requirements.  Note-book etc. provided as above.

 Please note: Day Courses fees MUST be paid at LEAST 1 WEEK before the day!

Please note:
2 hour sessions: a deposit of £60 is to be paid in advance to secure your booking
Full Day:  Full payment required for each day in advance

Next Course Date: See 'Contact Me' for next times and dates

To book your place today please click here

                Discover your True Self during these 9 weeks/ 3 Full Days. 
The Benefits of Psychic Development Course

  • Learn how to become less upset by other peoples energy
  • Expand and learn to trust your intuition
  • Release unhelpful past habits and patterns that are keeping you from living the life you want.
  • Resolve day-to-day challenges with grace and ease.
  • Walk your Path with more self-confidence
  • Rediscover your true connection with Mother Earth
  • Find your peaceful Inner- Self
  • Connect with like minded people
  • Discover your Soul Purpose for this incarnation

This is what others have experienced on this course:
"I really enjoyed the practical sessions.  I personally learn from experiencing and getting 'hands on'.  I also enjoyed the excitement each morning, wondering what exciting knowledge I could cream from the excellent teacher we had...... I don't think you can put a price on good teaching from somebody as knowledgeable as Virginnia.  I would recommend the course to any of my friends....  Virginnia is a very understanding teacher who can sense the pace of her classes/students...  At all times I felt information gleaned wasn't just correct but also I feel I have been given enough knowledge to continue my journey safely, respectfully, and trust myself.  Many thanks!"
V. Smith, Tadley, Berkshire

"Bless you for your amazing gifts...  Bless you for your care and wisdom.  I feel so lucky that my path crossed with an angel like you."
David Sye, London

"This is just what I needed at this time in my life...the relaxing and friendly delivery of the Course focused on the the very core of developing psychic ability... I find Virginnia to be a very friendly and 'down-to-earth' person.  She is a very good teacher/facilitator.  In the last 7 years I have searched for someone like her who, I feel, is the genuine thing.  Virginnia simply is!"
Greg Cox, Basingstoke, Hampshire

Each Course for 9 2-hour sessions on consecutive weeks; or 3 full days once a month for 3 consecutive months.

Every week session we spend on a different aspect of your Psychic development….

The course is ideal for beginners or for those who have some experience. 
What does the Course cover?

Week One:  Protection Strategies
This is the fundamental aspect of any work that we will be doing throughout the Course and is an essential part of every day especially as you expand your Light, and energy awareness.
Protection is essential, particularly as you expand your energy awareness and personal power. We will be looking at some of the effective ways in which you can protect yourself energetically.
This also begins the process of expansion through taking personal responsibility of one’s own Light and Life. 

Week Two:
Energy Awareness and Expanding your personal Energy
We will be covering:
  • Clearing the central Chakra meridian
  • Increasing the Energy in your hands
  • Getting used to Being an Energy pattern of Light
  • Connecting/Attuning to the Source of All That Is
  • Balancing and regulating your Chakras
  • Revitalising your Aura

 Week Three:  Chakra Awareness
This will offer greater information about:

  • Chakras
  • Self Empowerment
  • Balancing your Chakras and getting rid of any Energy blocks
  • Regulating your Chakras
  • Kundalini Energy
  • Working with eliminating aches and pains
  • Picture of Reality

 Week Four:  Seeing and Sensing Auras
We will be covering:

  • Breathing
  • Aura Light around living things – including crystals, rocks etc
  • Looking at other people’s Auras – Tracing and sensing
  • Expanding your Aura

 Week Five:  Connecting with your Angels and Guides
We will be working as a group supporting each other as you will personally be given the opportunity to connect more fully with your Angels and Guides.This will be conducted within Sacred Space and I will hold your energy and guide you through the experience. 

Week Six:  Meditation [different styles]
We will be looking at, and experiencing, some of the different ways in which we can meditate so you can discover your preferred method of contemplation and Spiritual connection. 

Week Seven:  An Introduction to Channelling
This is a natural progression from Week Six. Now that you have gained greater confidence in  your abilities we will be connecting with Spirit in a Sacred and protected space within the Sanctuary. 

Week Eight:  Psychic Art
This is an opportunity to express your connection with spirit using images and colour.You will be working in pairs connecting with each others Angels and Guides in turn to offer a message, or information, for that person.You don't have to be 'good' at art to do this!! 

Week Nine:  Reading Tarot/Guidance cards
This is a very basic session using cards to give messages and insight for other people.You are encouraged to bring any cards that you may have, although I do have quite a wide variety that you may use!This offers an opportunity to see some of the guidance cards that are available to use. 


A certificate is awarded for those who have achieved a good standard of understanding and proficiency throughout the 9 week or the 3 full day courses. 
                             All Welcome!

Inexperienced and curious - to the more experienced testing your wings!

'Staying in Touch' - Further Development Sessions:
This course will continue your journey of self-discovery. You can always choose to develop specific aspects of your abilities further with directed and personal choice sessions.  
These 2-hour sessions run once a week and are a great way to keep building on the work you have started.
All previous course attendees are welcome. 

Benefits of
Further Development Sessions:
* Expanding your own innate psychic ability.
* Develop clearer contact with higher Vibration/Celestial Energies.
* M
eet up with friends made during trhe course and meet other like-minded people from previous

Track your growth, building on your foundation.
* Full Guidance and personal support given at all times.

Cost: £15 per session                                         

Next Course Start Date:
Please go to 'Contact Me' page. Daytime and evening dates available. 

Cost Per Person:  £360 for 9 weeks,     Only £40.00 per session  

Full Day: £125 per session. 

Please note: a Deposit of £60 is required to secure your place. All full days paid in advance of the session.

 For more information, please feel free to contact me on: E-mail:

Tel:  +[44]1635 37707 or 07788 756163

To Go-Ahead And Book Your Place For The Next Start Date Please Click Here!

Hope to see you there!