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New Book!       Indigo Spirals - Pathways to Wisdom

Front Cover

Indigo spirals - page 45
Your Heart's Voice

Full Colour Illustrations throughout with my Paintings, Indigo Spirals, and Photographs!

                                                'Life is Beautiful'

'This is the overarching message of Virginnia Radford's spiritually infused book.  Her inspirational lines flow across the pages, interspersed with her beautiful illustrations.  Follow the journey of self-discovery, move forward on your own life's path, and be guided towards the perfection of 'Who you Really Are.'

Published May 2010
ISBN: 978 1 84748 726 1
Price: £18.99


Personalised Signed Copies (please give recipient's Name and appropriate Address) -
 cost still £20! (price includes package and postage)
Copies still available direct from me! 
Each signed copy includes a personal message.
Please contact me below giving name and full contact details plus payment. 
N.B. (Going through change of Publisher. May be still available from Amazon + through Bookshops)

'Indigo Spirals - Pathways to Wisdom' Reviews:

‘Intouch’ – The Healing Trust magazine – issue 11 (November 2011)
‘In Indigo Spirals, Virginnia Radford offers a pathway to see how, quite simply, Life is Beautiful.  The simple, powerful message is repeated often; a mantra on which to build a more loving relationship with Life.  Indigo is the colour usually assigned to the Brow Chakra, or third Eye, through which we gain clearer insight.  Spiral artwork, reproduced throughout the book, is a constant reminder of the Spiritual Journey; a symbol of expansion and growth beyond the habitual circles of thought and behaviour, but also a pathway to a centre receding into infinity.  Her combination of colour and symbol give the book its title and substance.  Like a good guide, it points the Way; describing concisely and directly what needs to be cultivated to open doorways on the pathway to Insight and Understanding.  The perspective will resonate strongly with those who choose the Healer path, encouraging the cultivation of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and wisdom.  Each page invites understanding centred in Spiritual perspective, encouraging exploration of life in all its aspects, whether perceived “good” or “bad”.  It forgoes unnecessary embellishments to deliver core messages: “All of us are spiritual beings”, “Forgive yourself”….”Life is Beautiful”.(Review by Ken Price)

Indigo Spirals – Pathways to Wisdom
01/07/2011 by Paradigm Shift magazine:

'Life is beautiful. This is the overarching message of Virginia Radford’s spiritually infused book. Her inspirational lines flow across the pages, interspersed with her beautiful illustrations. Follow this journey of self-discovery, move forward on your own life path, and be guided towards the perfection of ‘Who you Really Are’.’’ So says the back cover of this beautifully laid-out and illustrated book. The words ‘Life is Beautiful’ are repeated on more than half the pages, so it is difficult to avoid the central message!

This book could easily be taken for another fluffy coffee-table offering (though not in ‘coffee-table’ format). I read it from cover to cover in around 20 minutes, but it is clearly not meant to be speed-read. It is more like a meditative poem to the beauty of living, than a guide-book. Taken in small sections, as a daily meditative practice, it may be able to do just what it claims.

It is not for the beginner on the spiritual path, for whom it would probably seem little more than a collection of platitudes and pretty pictures – there is no deep investigation of the ways to achieve the promised self-growth. But it may be just what is needed for someone returning to a spiritual practice they have let slip in recent months.  Or for the jaded palate that has run through all the staple foods of the mind, body, spirit bookshelves; and simply wants to focus on raising their vibration and reminding themselves of things they may have lost sight of. This is a beautiful book, full of uplifting sentiments, but what you get out of it will mirror what you put into reading it.'
(Review by Karen Tucker)
'Virginnia speaks from a place of deep wisdom and understanding.  She conveys powerful spiritual truths with clarity and simplicity to remind us all that Life IS Beautiful.  For all those on their spiritual journey, it gives straight forward and profound reminders of why we're here and how we can 're-mind' ourselves of who we really are.  Coupled with her beautiful artwork, the book can be used to dip into any time.  It can provide powerful reminders of who we really are, be a focus for meditation and raise our vibration when we are in a state of fear and forgetting.'
(Pam Prendergast - Didcot, Oxon)

'I wanted to write to you to tell you what an enjoyable book you have created.  You have put a lot of love into it. When I read it I feel myself beginning to relax as the pictures, colours and words calm my mind.  There is much wisdom in this book.'
(Jeannie Gritt - Bracknell, Berkshire)

'This is not a one visit book that is read and put on the shelf and never opened again.  Instead it is a delightful book that will speak to you differently each time you open it. This book is a very beautiful tool that lifts your soul and gives you direction as the words strike a cord inside you.  
When I have opened it, the beauty of the art has lifted my soul and always at least 2 areas of text have jumped out to indicate the direction I must focus on. 
Keep it always handy and open it when you feel you need help and focus.  It has, and is still, helping me to look in the neglected areas that are so easy to forget and ignore.  Looking forward to the next edition.  More of your beautiful art work next time please. Love and Light.'
(Nicola Sanderson – Reading, Berkshire)

'Virginnia has the ability to awaken mind, body, and soul with this book.  It is a timely reminder to recognise the joys of Nature and Universe that abound us. A connection to the consciousness within us that appreciates and respects the Self to knowingly choose the Divine. Virginnia encapsulates all elements in the thought processes that lead you to most enlightening places.  Her paintings show depth, wonder and wisdom and woven into the book with delicacy, they accompany the words poignantly, sending one into a seamless trance of reflection.  A great hand-book for everyday living.'
(Robina Veda - Reading, Berkshire)

'Your book really is thought provoking. I found it made me smile and feel warm and at the same time gave me insight, or vision, of how things really should be. The book is ve
ry good and has inspired me!'
(Steve Thompson, Baughurst, Hants)

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