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Discover the next step in your Life Journey.

Connect with your Higher Self, Angels and Guides



Soul Journey Contract Readings, Channelled Readings, Psychic and Angel Art,

1) Soul Journey Contract and Channelled Readings

Would you like to discover more about your self and your Purposes for being here? Would you like to know how you can create the Life experiences that you truly most desire? These channelled Readings are complete in themselves.  However, if desired, they may become the basis for further expanded Readings giving current information, guidance, and insight into how the consequential choices you have made have created new opportunities and possibilities for you. 

Primarily, I connect with your Spirit/Higher Self which sees your 'bigger picture' and Knows, intimately, your Spirit Blueprint (how you were created by the Divine Source), what you wanted to experience and understand in this lifetime, and with whom you made pre-incarnation contracts for these experiences to manifest.    It can also offer you….

  • Insight into the reasons behind stagnated financial abundance. 
  • Clarity and understanding about the dynamics in your relationships.
  • Information as to how you can move through life with greater confidence. 
The Purpose and Intent of the readings are to remind you Who You Real-ly Are, your Purpose for being here, your Divine Commission, why and how life is unfolding as it is, and how you may go forward with greater understanding and confidence.  
These Readings can also, if appropriate…
  • Bring 'through' High Dimensional Beings, such as the Ascended Masters and Celestial Beings; Beings from Deep Space, as well as those from more local Galaxies and Constellations. 
Sometimes these Energies will have had experience of the 3rd Dimensional Earth vibration, but, occasionally, these Energies will have remained within the Highest frequencies in order to focus upon working with us on our Spirit Journey both for the Divine Purpose and Will as well as for our own, personal, Spiritual Purpose, expansion, and expression. 

You can chose to receive your information in any combination of 3 ways:
              As a Personal Reading,
              Written Reading or 
               as a unique piece of Fine Art with Reading (length of Reading usually around 1000 - 3000 words).

Personal Readings:  £60 - hour,  

These Readings are given within my beautiful and serene Sanctuary in Newbury, Berkshire.

(Readings may take up to 2 hours (if agreed), price will have discretion but will not exceed £90.)


Please note: 24 hours notice MUST be given for any appointment cancellation. If under 24 hours full payment of the session (minimum: £60) will be required.

Written Readings
(usually approx: 5000-6000 words):  £125
Your Written Reading is channelled through connection with your Spirit, Angels and Guides and so can be given at a distance.

Ideal for anyone living too far away to visit the Sanctuary!

Advance payment required.

Testimonials (
"After having many varied metaphysical experiences in my life I have to say that the reading you did with me was probably the most accurate, enlightening and eye-opening I've had to date.  You did a great job and I really thought it was one of the very best sessions of anything I have ever had. 
Your ability to really tune in is a gift and I thoroughly and without hesitation recommend your services to anyone who is fascinated by this profound subject.  Once again, thank you!"
(Jason Jackman)

"Virginnia’s accuracy with both my work and relationship situations are exact. She knew that I had just started a pressured job and that this is very different from what I have been doing in the past. It is a big responsibility and as I have only been in my current position for a couple of months, it is all new to me. I did feel as though at times I didn’t have faith in my abilities which Virginnia picked up. She described it as feeling as though I am drowning in my work which was apt. She encouraged me to stick at it and I will feel rewarded in 2 weeks time. Well, I did feel a great sense of achievement as my manager returned after 2 weeks and was most impressed with my efforts leaving me in charge for another 2 weeks!
Virginnia also picked up that my boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years since childhood and that I felt that the relationship was fading causing recent problems. I have been with my boyfriend since my school days but the past 2 months have not been too smooth. Virginnia told me that something will catch my attention which will be very strong and sudden to make me change my feelings. This hit me whilst watching a television programme recently. The background music and lyrics of this programme caught my full attention as the singer was singing the exact situation I felt I was in! This has put my relationship back on track and I feel more at ease." 

(Sophie, Middlesex, printed in 'Spirit and Destiny' magazine)

"Every time Virginnia has given me a reading it has blown my mind out of the consensus reality window and has left me totally supported and nourished in the knowledge that the Universe is responsive personally to my existence!  The value of her talent cannot be overestimated, and for me this was understood when I reached a personal all time low.  Virginnia occupies the same place as the Shamans of ancient societies and as such garners the same respect.  A very special Being indeed." 

(David Sye, London)

"Indecisions about my current work status made me contact Virginnia. I am always very impressed with her accuracy. Immediately she picked up that I couldn’t decide between 2 career opportunities. She could feel that I was pondering whether to stay with a job that seems comfortable or expand into a more responsible position which could extend my abilities. I am currently applying for two job offers. Virginnia could feel that what will sway my final decision will be the type of people I work with and she is right as this is very important to me. Her encouragement and confidence she instils also extends to my family, especially my father. Virginnia sensed that he is a proud man, selfless, caring but at the moment feeling battered and bruised so there is a need to tread carefully. My father is currently out of work and is feeling low. Her support, guidance and how she makes me feel comfortable with my life is an inspiration." 

(Michael, Stourbridge, printed in 'Spirit and Destiny' magazine)

"Virginnia ..... gave me a Reading, which was amazing and very accurate, she made me a tape of the Reading which I often play.

One of the things Virginnia told me I would find a beautiful place to work from, I would be helping horses, other animals and people. It would be close to where I live and would be on a farm, and guess what!  I have found it! It is exactly how Virginnia described it, and I'm moving in next month."

(Sam Mackay, Cert.ECBS, Equine Therapist, Lambourn, Wiltshire)

"..I wanted a reading with a difference......I only went there (to the Psychic Fayre) on the basis of the Soul life purpose reading that was mentioned in the mail shot. I walked through the door and clocked...Ginny. I don't know why I...felt drawn but about 5 minutes later I knew exactly why.... I sat down and felt completely at ease straight away, she looked me the eye and asked me what I expected from the reading. I liked her directness from the word go and had a...feeling like 'she gets me'.  After about ten minutes I felt as though I was talking to a life-long friend, we completed resonated with each other, something that happens all too infrequently for me.....she made me feel nothing short of special. She explained a lot to me...She said things to me that only could have said through spirit, there was no second guesses and everything flowed with a sense of urgency almost....I felt completely empowered....and since the reading I have made changes to my life because it gave me that extra nudge I needed to follow my heart and have the belief in myself that life really is in our hands if we choose to cut away all the illusion of fear and ego. I was so impressed by how she was describing me....She wasn't giving me an ego boost but simply telling me who I am am in this world, what I've been at other times and where I am going to go in this life. I really feel that this reading with Ginny has changed the course of my life. I do believe that I can do anything I put my mind to, and the reading...has answered the question that I have in my head since I can remember. I wanted to know if I was here for any reason other than just going ot work and making ends meet, I've always felt like there's something else for me being lined up and Ginny answered that for me. I am here for something else, something big and soemthing good that comes from the heart....I am not using the reading or Ginny to do the work for me or make my decisions but the reading made me act and I believe that was the entire purpose.  It is by far the best reading I have ever had, I felt like I was in direct consultation with my ascended masters and all I needed to do was sit there and believe. I am not a gullible person but there was no denying that the reading Ginny gave me was kosher. I would definitely recommend her to my friends as I already have done on a couple of occasions.....I was totally blown away by the whole event and it's something that will always stay with me."
(Vicky Hallam, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire)

Psychic and Angel Art

When creating a channelled Psychic picture I will, through meditative communication, connect with your Spirit, channel the Energy, Angel, or Guide who is wishing to make closest connection with you at this time, to create a finished piece of Fine Art


A4: Pencil with a little colour:  £80
A4: Fine Art detail and colour:  £150 - £350
A3: Fine Art + colour:  £800
A3: Fine Art + high detail and finish + full colour: £1000
Every picture is beautifully executed with great skill and realism, using the finest materials. They are powerful images that would add Light to any space or purpose.  The intention of every picture is to provide a source of stimulation and focus so that you may become closer and more consciously connected with those who are working alongside you in Spirit. 

Every piece of Art work is accompanied by a reading explaining something about the picture and giving insight into your current life experience and Journey.

Testimonials (Art):
"Virginnia is a gifted lady, amazing artist, and she has even designed a unique logo for me.

I would recommend Virginnia to anyone, looking for guidance, healing and beautiful art."

(Sam Mackay, Cert.ECBS, Equine Therapist, Lambourn, Wiltshire)

"Very many thanks for both the picture and reading you did for me, it was amazingly accurate and tremendously uplifting.  This truly could not have come at a better time and the picture is beautiful.  I shall recommend you to everyone I know." 

(Brendan Quinn, Goring-on-Thames, S.Oxfordshire) 

See and Psychic Art page and Fine Art page for examples of my work!


2) Soul Journey Contract Readings 

If you find yourself asking the questions like: "What is life on this Planet all about”
  • Why am I here – and why do I bother staying here?
  • Why do I keep on doing/attracting the same old experiences even though I have worked at clearing the patterns/habits that evidently do not work?
  • What can I do to move forward, and fulfil my Purpose for being here?

There are many of you 'out there' who have begun to understand your Spiritual Journey here on the Planet Earth, and have taken advice from mediums/psychics but would like to know what you can do next. 

  • What is the next step in my Journey?
  • What is behind all that I am experiencing at this time?
  • What is my role in the Divine Cunning Plan?
Soul Journey Reports is a great tool to take you beyond that which many mediums and psychics can offer you, and take you to the next step, answer your questions, and show you how you may move forward with greater confidence and understanding.  The information simply provides a 'memory jog', reforging the connections that you have always had with your Spirit but have forgotten. 

You will begin to remember Who you Really Are, and why you are here on Planet Earth!

In this way you can resolve the human experience and see it for what it really is:

                        To be fully human: IN the world but not of it!

These Soul Journey Reports are not only interesting, intriguing, and great fun, but will also enable you connect with your True Self and encourage you to be far more confident about just how Powerful and Amazing You really Are!
 These unique Readings offer you a fascinating, accurate, and informative insight into your total Spirit Journey in all lifetimes. They can offer you the relevant aspects of your Spirit's travelling across the Cosmic Universe, and the multi-dimensional expressions and experiences that you have had, so that you may understand more fully your Earth Journey at this time.  
  • Find out more about why are You are Incarnated now? 
  • I connect with your Spirit, your Angels and Guides
  • Offer you information that will help you to remember Who you really Are as you were created,
  • Find out what  your Purposes, both in respect to your current Divine Commission and your current Earth Journey;
  • Provide answers as to the 'how' and the 'why' of your life experiences.
  • Discover what remains to be experienced and understood in this lifetime.
 Strategies are offered that you can use to support and enable you to enhance and empower your Earth Journey toward gaining, and maintaining, greater personal success in, and passion for, life.  Discover more about your Soul ContractsAll of us have predetermined intentions and objectives that we negotiated before being born on Planet Earth.  These objectives become 'written in stone'. We will encounter those with whom we have made these contracts.  We chose how ever as a physical being which form these encounters and experiences - their duration, their 'colour' and intensity - will take. 

It is time to take your rightful place as a Spiritual Being having a human experience!  

Personal Readings:  £50 per hour

These Readings are given within my beautiful and serene Sanctuary in Newbury, Berkshire.

Readings taped on request.

(Readings can take 1 - 2 hours)

Written Readings (approx. 2000-5000 words): £100

Your Written Readings is channelled through connection with your Spirit, Angels and Guides and so can be given at a distance.  Ideal for anyone living too far away to visit the Sanctuary! 

Book a Soul Journey Report today!

Yehovah Vehayah - Divine Light Being - Illuminator

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Tel:  +[44]1635 37707 or 07788 756163