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Welcome To The Dawn Of A New Earth

“We are all called upon to assist in the completion of this cycle of Divine Purpose and Will - to bring this Universe into Completion, and to assist in the creation of the next.”

 - Virginnia -

What is this cycle of Divine Purpose and Will?

Before this question is answered an explanation!


This page is intentionally unlike many Home pages that you will have met in your searching!


This page offers you not the 'selling' format that many websites use but, instead, presents a window into that which I can offer you as a Psychic connecting with your Spirit - your Higher or Expanded Self - and your Angels and Guides.

The information given to me is designed to help you in your Earth Journey so that you may understand more clearly the how and the why of your current Life experiences, and offer you simple, supportive, strategies so that you may go on to create the life experiences you truly desire in your heart.


The information can provide insight into your 'bigger picture' - appropriate aspects of your total Soul or Spirit Journey - as well as providing relevant information about the Cosmic transformations that are occurring at this time.


I am here to give you information about your Life Journey so that this information can remind you of Who You Really Are so that your current Earth Journey will make more sense to you. 

Aspects concerning your Journeying throughout Time since your Creation may also be given.

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To give some insight into the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this page, I have taken some extracts from a whole series of channellings I received during 1997 - 2005:


What is this cycle of Divine Purpose and Will?



The vibrational matrix of the earth has changed, quite dramatically over the millennia.

The earth, when it first formed, arbitrarily held many vibrational matrices and descriptions. Its coalescing molten mass had the potential of becoming many things, not least nothing at all!


The Great Celestial being whom we know as Elethantes (The Spirit Name For Mother Earth), elected to become embodied in the embryonic sphere. Consequentially, order became possible and The Source could use the planetary potential as a unique opportunity for an extension of Divine Will.


Previously, all had evolved in a predictable way, a relatively simple extrapolation of the basic Divine Laws that had become apparent through results and consequences of the first Expression of the realisation of Existence (the First Outbreath).......


The Earth containing the soul of this Great One gave The Source the opportunity to evolve one of the greatest Plans ever been conceived – that of totally free willed peoples.


This was no accident.

All Creation, up to that moment, had the Blue Print of the original Concept deeply engrained in its matrix. Now, the Plan was to evolve that would cause challenge to that basic order.


The first peoples were those with experience from worlds a great distance from your own that had come to intelligent independence from the challenges created through being matter. Yet this was matter of the first materialisation. Subsequent Beings that occupied the earth were increasingly able to connect with lower dimensional vibrations until the advent of your selves….


All the information about angels, planets, new configurations in the cosmos are given to you to remind you of who you really are: spiritual visitors to a planet already in process of dimensional change.

These ‘new’ configurations have occurred many times since the beginning. These are nothing that has not happened before, yet never before have they held so much importance and relevance, or have been so cosmically inclusive and dynamically far-reaching….


Human beings upon the earth at this time are a collection of disparate Beings.

Never before has there been such an assemblage of Beings chosen from so many distant places, and differing Soul experiences, in one place, in one moment.

There are many intentions and reasons why these Beings have been given the unique opportunity to experience this Transformational moment….


We have already indicated that for some it is a final opportunity to resolve the issues necessary to continue their Journey for which their spirit was designed.

For others it is to complete a powerful and complex part of their experience.

The rest are here to bring all aspects of the dimensional change into balance.

Mother Earth has no responsibility over the genetic reconfigurations currently being assimilated in human beings. This task falls to those who are now present…


Do not doubt that much is happening in your world. The ones who have abused life are experiencing the consequences. As they struggle to re-impose their will they are, increasingly, becoming ‘unstuck’. Their ways are no longer tenable with the changing environment. As they struggle with all that which ‘worked’ for them in the past – greed, financial and control supremacy, self-seeking importance – these people are further entangling themselves in the web of self destruction.

The hearts of people will speak and be heard. They will ‘vote with their feet’.

Consider how ridiculous many influential leaders are appearing to be to the general public, and how our historically traditional social structure appears to be dissolving…

These are all signs of the completion of the Divine Purpose of the Old World, and the foundation of the New World.



The pool is breached. When the clear water flows away in a different direction the pool runs dry and the dross is left visible and clear.


This is necessary.


Not only a spiritual cleansing then, but a complete re-evaluation and perception of that which is acceptable to the new sense of discrimination and values.


You are, no longer, powerless to effect change, individually and collectively.


For those who are temporarily caught in the maelstrom of the foundering old systems of order and responsibility, life is difficult. While still attempting to placate the requirement to work, associate with work systems and colleagues, and generally function in the world as it stands just now, it is sometimes difficult to enter the purity and peace of your spiritual dynamic. 


You have been given total responsibility for your own actions and thoughts. When you are able to do this in entirety then you will be able to awaken, and access, the parts of your Being that is laying dormant, and bring into your genetic description the higher vibrational codes, that your soul carries in its original blue-print.


You were designed to become the bearers of the legacy that greater peoples of the past were given but it was necessary to allow you to begin at the beginning of creation. It is for you to extend beyond that which was ever given to those who abided upon the earth in ancient times.


Consider the events that are happening are the inevitable consequences of the injection of very powerful accelerated vibrations.


Imagine a space rocket. The fundamental power lies in the initial burst of explosive fuel that is stored in its base. To move away from the pull of the world the rocket needs to let go of the initial burner. The new firing mechanism is of a finer, more complex description. The freedom gained from the initial thrust allows the smooth transition into a completely unimaginable dimension of experience.

The new vibrational frequencies are overlaying the old.


This is not an abrupt replacement of vibrational matrices. The overlaying process involves a reconfiguration of that which already exists with an extension of vibrational structure that integrates the higher dimensional access with the functional opening of the parts of the brain that are yet closed to you......


Mother Earth’s – Gaia – spirit has already achieved the essential reconfiguration. All that which remains for her is to shed, and re-modify, is the ‘skin’ of her physical being to bring it into balance and concord with her higher vibrational status.


So, for many of you today, the task is a difficult and a complex one in some respects. You are experiencing the metamorphosis that comes with the  blossoming into a much more advanced and creative people.


You have been asked to grow toward these understandings, abilities and skills. Thus you become completed by your own efforts. 


The ‘saviour’ is your self.


This was always so.To wait for a rescuer denies your right to be free both in your will and in your completion.

Rescuing curtails choice and understanding.

The Angels and your Guides can help but do not do things for you.


If you are finding life difficult, confusing, frustrating, and ‘things’ are not as they were, and what you would like them to be, rest your spinning mind.


Live for the moment.


Each moment is changing in many profound ways. Much cannot be understood by you, or perceived except with your heart.


Try not to get caught up with busying yourself just because you think you ought to be busy. Do not be so concerned with delaying that which you know is right and good for you to be doing [or not doing] by simply creating work for yourself.  Outward appearance answers the ego. The efficacy of that which you do is a direct reflection of the nature of the energy you bring into your home or work place.  


Simply Be; and simply be very discerning about that to which you subscribe, give energy, and concern.


……So many of you are finding it, in all extremes, difficult to manage your life as you have known it with all that you are currently experiencing on a higher vibrational level. So much nebulous, open-ended, information and statements have been made, and is being made.


You really cannot know all that is happening. Partly, it is because you simply cannot know and understand at this point and are, consequentially, ‘in the dark’.

Partly, also, the information is fragmented and been made through interpretation.


Re-definition comes both as a surprise and at a risk in this case.

The risk here is that you are being asked to choose how ‘things’ will be for you personally, but this often offers you little or no solutions, or possible direction, for consideration.

Perhaps a greater concern of yours is that you have no idea how to change the patterns of your life, to both conform to the social structure already in place in your society and to break out into the new definitions of yourself that you are feeling, and are stirring, so urgently within yourself.


Some of you have uprooted your perceptions and consciousness of self and taken yourself out of the safety of the prescribed dictates of social expectation, and feel exposed, and at a loss, as to where or how to proceed.


…..It must be said that nothing will be ‘back to normal’. You can choose to settle yourselves back into the old patterns and expectations. The next step of your Journey would then involve continuing your Journey within a familiar frame of reference. For some that is appropriate. There is much left undone that requires your attention.

For others, it would feel like a ‘drawing of the curtains’ to do this. Your sense of tearing down the curtains, flinging open the windows and doors and stepping through is of overwhelming importance and urgency. Yet, again, déjà vu! But you still feel you are without the answers. There is none in your current frame of reference.


For those of you who have faced this repeatedly you have the choice.

Continue seeking the solutions from the ways of the past, or consider an alternative:


Each step that you have undertaken has carried you to this point.

Stand at the pinnacle of your achievement and realise that you have completed an important and powerful phase of your journey.


Allow your heart to tell you what is to come next.


You have achieved the integration of the human mind with your higher self. 

Allow the energy of the transition and transformation to take you out of the situation you currently consider you occupy.


Be clear about your intentions.


Focus upon that which your heart tells you and consider no compromise. New wave forms with refined integrals and harmonics are currently being transmitted to the Earth.


The Ascended Masters and Angels, many of whom are currently walking with you upon the Earth, or are, spiritually, very closely linked with all compatible human Energy, will, increasingly, be experienced by you in enhanced sentient and visual form.


As the new waves of energy meld with, and increasingly replace, the original vibrational matrices of the 3rd-4th dimension of the Earth, the experiential definitives and perceptual parameters of received human consciousness and rationalisations, are first, being modified then, totally replaced by new wave forms and harmonics. The dissonant integrals inserted by negativity are being dissolved and eliminated from all vibrational formats. The resultant resonance will, ultimately, be clear, pure, modalities weaving a structure completely unlike anything that has thus far been experienced anywhere in the Cosmic Universe.


That which you are experiencing at this time is increasing vibrational awareness and a gradual awakening of your meta-psychic powers.


The speed at which your meta-psychic abilities will unfold depends upon the degree to which each of you are willing to release the historic and habitual perceptions ingrained in your perception of yourself.


Ancestral genetic codes in your DNA are being overlain and redefined by the master codes now being relayed to you. This aspect of yourselves is not being eliminated as much as being re-mastered. The ‘blood-line’ ancestral imprints in your chromosomal structure are being modified. These genes have little place in the future structure of mankind. They will become increasingly latent until such time as they will cease to exist in your chromosomal genome. This will enable the, thus far, inactive genetic high frequency power codes to be stimulated into operancy............


Some of you are, and will be, experiencing great changes in your physical consciousness.

For instance, you will feel a sense of separation from people; feelings of lonliness; a sense of physical disorientation; a realisation that you can see beyond appearances - you can see through the masks and glamour of others; a deep sense of unhappiness - crying without reason; pains in your back, shoulders, and neck; unusual sleep patterns; intense dreams; and a deep longing to go Home.

These are all indications of the Christ Consciousness - your Divine Consciousness is being awakened.


Confusion, stress, and a sense of insecurity are indicators that you are asking your self to let go of the past, old habits, and patterns, so that you can reconnect with your Divinity in completeness.


Your Higher Self is asking you to look at your two Egos.

Move away from the physical ego which is the "I" and embrace your Spiritual ego which is the "I Am".......


(Extracts from channelled connections between 1999- 2006 received by Virginnia) 


Are you experiencing a sense of separation from the world and/or other people?

Are you feeling inexplicably tired and lethargic - simply not interested in doing anything however hard you try to focus?

Are you feeling 'stuck', or feeling an urgency to be 'doing something if only you knew what'?

Are you wanting to understand more about the Law of Attraction and how it can work for you?


Asking such questions is a consequence of an amazing transformation that is happening, right now, for YOU, in your Earth Journey. 


In understanding more about who You Are and your Purpose for being here will help you to bring your Soul and Spirit Self more fully into unity with your physical Be-ingness. In achieving this:

  • You will feel more complete, joyful, and at peace.
  • You will no longer feel isolated or lonely as you will begin to connect with others who also have experienced this transformation in themselves
  • You will feel the joy of being united - at one - with All That Is!
  • You will be able to design the Life experience that you truly want and desire.
  • You will be a co-creator of the New World - a new Reality 

“Great Things are Happening NOW!”

Discover more about your personal Soul Journey

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